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    Hello ladies,
    I am only 6 days post op so got a long way to go. I’ve had unders but I thought I would venture out for the first time to a garden centre. Jesus my boobs and chest became so tight as I was walking and I really struggled.
    Ive probably just done it too soon but has anyone else had this when trying to walk? I am meant to be back in London on Thurs for my post op and worried if I will get through London x

    Helen 3

    Yes this is completely normal. Just make sure you walk slowly and don’t carry anything if you can (put a cross body handbag on if you need one). I found it started to get easier walking at about 2 weeks but I found I was still walking a bit stiff for a few weeks and my boobs felt really stiff and stuck on! I’m 3 months post op now and I don’t really notice them whilst walking or exercising anymore. One thing I wasn’t prepared for was that they continue to harden up a bit when you’re cold! X


    Thanks Helen. I feel each day I’m getting more able to do bits for myself without over pushing it but the tightness when walking and the pressure from the bruising is so hard and doesn’t seem to ease.
    I know I just need to be patient but nice to know I’m not alone. Yes I noticed it tightens more when it’s cold too.
    Hope you are pleased with your results so far x

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