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    Hey Ladies!

    I was just wondering what everyone had done in terms of time off work?
    I’m having BA and Lipo and have a desk job so I know I will need a week off.

    I’m worried because I didn’t think I would manage to get an Op date before my holiday so was going to wait till next year.. However a date came up so I booked …. But I don’t have enough holidays now to take a week off ?

    Did anyone get a sickline or anything like that? How did you go about it ?
    And if so do you have to tell your work what you had done or would it mention it on your sickline ?

    Thanks so much for nay help ladies !!xxxx


    hiya I had vaser on sat & have booked a week off I would say you do need a week im on day two& I am sorw x

    Caroline 4

    Hey, when i had mine i was fine the next day to do light activities i work at a desk job too and the only thing thats a real issue is the 3d vest but at your first meeting with the nurse she cuts this down and its fine to sit nd lal that so its only annoying for the first few days. Hope that helps xx


    How long would you recommend taking off would 4 days be enough??


    Are u having ba and lipo at the same time.? I was wondering if they would do this together x

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