Tree Trunks and candles! Started by: Sara

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  • Sara 1

    Hi ladies,
    Just wandered if anyone has had lipo on their legs. I have always had the worst ever cankles and huge thighs / tree trunk legs. They are absolutely gross and I HATE them…. I am a lot slimmer on the top half so it looks ridiculous – wish it was the other way around!

    Soooo desperate for slim ankles, knees and thighs so I can finally wear a skurt/dress for the first time… but not sure if lipo will achieve this??

    Sara 1

    Sorry, Long day at work, meant skirt not skirt.. Duh!!!


    Hi, im prob best not to answer yet but i had thigh inner and outer and knee last Wednesday so im in recovery period, ive always hated my legs so hoping that im able to finally wear shorts next summer. Good luck


    Hi, I’m in exactly the same situation so hoping to find the same answers as you. I absolutely HATE my body, never been able to wear a dress and a nice pair of strappy heels ?

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