Tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and vaser on lower and top back. Started by: Sarah

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  • Sarah

    I’ve finally done it! Met my surgeon and I’m so happy with him! I’ve gone for Dr Mileto and I felt so comfortable with him.

    I wanted a breast lift with a full tummy tuck and lipo on 3 areas however we are going to go for the tummy tuck and vaser lipo then I’ll come back at a later date for my breasts!

    I have 2 young children.. could anyone tell me how the recovery was for them? I’ll be getting done in Preston.

    Melanie 2

    Hi Sarah, I had tummy tuck and breast enlargement at the end of April. Recovery was not as bad as I had expected. Pain was nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated, only needed paracetamol for 1 week!! You do have to take it easy though in the first 3 weeks. I prepared a lot of food pre surgery and froze it as I couldn’t lift a pan of water and tbh at first I couldn’t stand and peel potatoes. You do have to be patient and listen to your body. You will be really tired as well at first, and you will find it easier to walk crouched forward. I’m just getting fully back to normal now. Started back at the gym etc. I had my surgery at Preston too with dr Traynor, all of the nurses, anaesthetist and surgeons are lovely and looked after me wonderfully. I would recommend anyone to have it done, definitely worth it. Good luck xx

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