Uplift with implants, round 2! Started by: Baish

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  • Baish

    I have a consultation arranged with Dr Mounir tomorrow as it has just hit a year mark since I had an uplift with implants (200cc) with another company, and they have dropped dramatically already!
    I have had a consultation with my original company who said they wouldn’t be willing to do anything for another 6 months AT LEAST, so I wanted to reach out to other companies and surgeons for 2nd opinions.
    I’m looking for honest feedback if anyone has been to MYA for revisions with new implants, and how successful this has been for them?
    TIA xx

    Bee 36

    Hey! I had an uplift with implants (300cc) in 2021 with a surgeon at MYA who has since left. My revision papers have been signed off but I’m currently waiting to hear about being assigned another surgeon for surgery. Fingers crossed for you!! Xx

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