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  • Laurie 13

    Hey ladies,

    I found it quite a struggle getting information about anyone who had breast augmentation and vaser together so now I’ve had mine done I want to share my experience with you so if anyone has any questions feel free to message me I’ve posted below some before and after photos.

    I’m only two days post up so still a lot of swelling to go down but really happy so far!

    I have vaser to my full abdomen, flanks and bra roll. My surgeon was Max Marcellino at London Fitzroy. He removed 4 litres of fat altogether.
    I also have 375CC High Profile implants – over the muscle.


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    Jade White 2

    Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for posting about this! Hope you’re feeling okay.

    Great results!! Are you pleased?

    I have some questions I’d like to ask if you wouldn’t mind? I’ve requested you as a friend.

    Thanks in advance,

    Laurie 13

    Hi Jade,

    Happy to help, ask away 🙂

    L x


    Hi Laurie,

    Ive got vaser booked in may. Whats it like & did you have a local anestic?x



    Aggie W 1

    Hey sweetie – you look fabulous!! This is exactly what I want (but with a nose job on top too 🙂 )

    How sore are you now?? What is worse? The breasts or the lipo? I had a breast enhancement before so I know what level of pain I felt for that so just trying to brace myself for what lipo might be like 🙂


    Hi laurie, I love your results! I was wondering if you could give me any advise when it comes to breast augmentation and Lipo. I’m only young but I am considering both as I feel really self conscious. So I’m only 18 but will be turning 19 in September. I would like to know about the pain, how the day went and if you think I should know wait awhile

    Thank you. Deanna x


    How was the pain from having both at the same time also what areas of Lipo did you have x


    Hi 🙂 Amazing results! I’m so glad you posted as it’s super hard finding people post about both! I am wanting vaser and breast implants at the same time! I’ve friend requested you hoping to ask a few questions 🙂 x

    Kelly 3

    You look great !
    I’m hoping to have this done in the next few months, may I ask how much roughly and was a discount applied for both procedures .? X


    hi 🙂 i’m thinking of having the exact same procedures at the same time hope you dont mind me asking..
    1) how was the pain of both procedures recovering from both
    2) recovery time / time off work
    3) how much all together
    4) If you would do it again what would you do differently at all?

    hope to hear back from you xx

    SachaLowe 3

    Hello! Can anyone help?
    I had Vaser Lipo on my abdomen/flanks and inner thighs 3 weeks ago. I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of maybe a couple of months down the line? I’m very impatient and from looking at me now with my lumps and bumps I don’t know how I’ll settle or if I will change much at all! Having lymphatic drainage massages at the moment to reduce the swelling inside but id just like an idea of how I will look in the future! Baring in mind everyone is different an idea would be great!

    JM 24

    I had my breasts done with Max 5yrs ago now and I still love them, I’m looking at vaser on my flanks and abdo.. thank you for sharing.

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