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    Hi ladies!
    Have been reading through forum yet not too many discussions have been ongoing lately. I have booked a Vaser on my lower body, yet I have some tmi questions I would like to get sorted to be 100% on board with what is ahead of me. I read recovery takes loads of patience, awareness of whats happening to your body and a hope for the best..
    1) My doc told me that aestethicaly she will work on my thigh areas, yet I should not be expecting too much of a difference look skinnier? She said she can remove 1.5-2 liters and I will only see a change in shape. I am ok with this and its my initial goal, yet its confusing that I would not get thinner-looking legs at all?
    2) Swelling. How bad is it really? From posted pics you could see OK looking bodies, but is it visible IRL?
    3) Do you actually increase in size/bloat on early recovery? For how long? Should I get bigger size pants to go to work?
    4) A bit silly one, but.. is constipation real? How long would it last? I can only imagine pain and discomfort going and actually sitting down on the loo.. I just dont need that discomfort of not being able to go for days on top of the rest of pains

    Sorry, if these seem silly to you, just trying to prep as much as possible


    Knees!! I meant knees not ankles! šŸ˜€


    Hi did you have this done? Iā€™d love to see before and after pictures xx

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