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    I hope everyone’s keeping well. Can I just ask if there are any men on here who have had Vaser and what your opinion and results is? I had a consultation years ago and decided against it but since gaining weight since then and it not shifting it’s just bothering me now.

    Can I also ask anyone for their opinions on this, good and bad, don’t hold back. I’m scared I’m just wasting my money!

    Thanks in advance.


    Hey Dan I too am also considering it as I am sick of diets and the only area I need done is around my midd.e


    I am a man, and have just had Vaser lipo. I had it on my flanks, upper and lower abdomen, chest, and axilla. 5 areas, which was 12 incisions all in one go.
    I’m not going to lie, the past 4 days have been incredibly tough. Hardest part is going between standing up and sitting / lying down. Fine to walk around and relatively fine once lying down, but moving between the two has been hell. (The surgeons advise to have someone with you for 24 hours after, reality is you need them for 4 days after, physically couldn’t sit up without help until day 5)

    Anyway, the results are undeniable. I saw immediate results. Years of love handles and an unwanted belly…. Gone! Years of a fatty chest/underarm…. Again, gone!

    (I did exercise daily pre-op and will continue to do so when I’m recovered)

    Despite the last few days of huge discomfort, the results are going to be here for life. So I’d do it again.

    Happy to answer questions.

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