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  • Stacy 1

    Just thought id share my lipo experience with everyone seeing as when I went through the process I found it really helpful reading through everyone else’s!

    I had my procedure done on 27/05 at the Manchester clinic with Dr Vlok, my admission time was 07:45 – super early, so i stayed in Manc the night before to get there on time! When I arrived I was so nervous and excited at the same time, i waited for roughly an hour and a half before I got called downstairs by the nurse who took my blood pressure etc. and explained a few things, and then someone else came in to explain how the local anaesthetic would work with the sedation, this scared me a bit cos i was under the feeling that I was going under general having so many areas done, but I was assured that I wouldnt feel a thing and that I would be asleep! Shortly after I changed into the hospital gowns and Dr Vlok came in to draw on me, I was then led into the theatre where all the magic happens! All the staff were so nice and kept me chatting and before I knew it I was awake and it was all over! It turns out that I had been in theatre for 3 HOURS!!!!

    I was then wheeled into recovery and given a hot drink with some toast. This is when the discomfort starts kicking in, I felt myself leaking a lot and it was horrible and uncontrollable but apart from that I wasnt in any pain just had slight stomach cramps which felt like period pains. I expected this but it wasnt nice. I felt light headed so after being sat in the recovery room for a bit i was wheeled into reception to wait for my chaperone to arrive. I was given pain relief tables – Co-codamol and ibroprufen and loads of bed sheets for my leakage!

    Day 1: Back at the hotel, my leaking was getting worse, deffo recommend wearing black clothes! I had to buy adult nappies because it got so bad! Helped a lot. I was in no additional pain, i even managed to order and eat a Nando’s take out! just felt really drowsy so it was a short night for me.

    Day 2: I woke up feeling really stiff, and had to take pain killers, found out I leaked A LOT during the night so had to change. Pain was about the same. Decided I would try and go out and have a wander in Manchester today as I didnt want to be stuck in the hotel room all day, managed to eat breakfast and was fine, The garment itself, quite easy to walk about it just have to get used to it. Because I had my chin done too i have a head garment which wraps round, this attracted a lot of attention typically, but I was too drugged up to care! Felt more weak as the day went on but less leaking!

    Day 3: Back home in Birmingham, still relying on painkillers but have no leaking now! still very stiff though

    Day 4: Post-opp appointment, excited for this to see my first set of results and to be told I get to shower. Honestly, the nurse i had wasnt really as helpful as I thought she’d be, i thought she was very thorough. However, I was told I could shower when I got home which was great news. i saw my results and i am very swollen, I can deffo see a difference but its still very sore! When i got home I took my garment off I felt very lightheaded in the shower – this is normal, but it was so refreshing. It felt good putting on a new garment that wasnt dirty but will take a lot of getting used to!

    Ok guys, this is my journey so far. Any Qs feel free to ask xxxx

    Julie 40

    hey hun, I’m hoping to get tummy tuck ba and lipo but not sure if i can cope with it all since lipo alone sounds sore. How are you feeling now? can you see a big difference? I’m probably being stupid but what do you mean by leaking?
    do you have any photos of before and after? I’m hoping to get all my surgery in next few months.. just worried about all the healing xx

    Stacy 1

    Hi julie,

    Vaser lipo itself isn’t too sore, recovery wise, I’m just feeling a bit stiff and crampy! i know the recovery time for traditional lipo is a lot longer which is why I steered clear of that one. It’s day 6 and honestly I feel so much better, I’m getting used to the garment a lot more and i’m not relying on painkillers as the only pain im getting is stiffness from changing positions. I can see a big difference in results but im still VERY swollen, you dont realise how swollen you are until you take the garment off! But I can deffo see the difference!

    Leaking after is completely normal and lasts up to 48 hours, its kinda of like a mixture between a blood or clear like liquid, not really pleasant but the more you leak the less swollen you are! Its just leakage from the incisions!

    I do have before and after photos and I will post when I get round to it! Will probably post at my one week post op mark which is Saturday.

    I wouldnt let healing put you off, it normally takes 4-6 weeks to fully recover and honestly its not that bad considering the amount of areas I had done! What areas are you thinking? xxx


    how long until your fully able to continuing everything you did before work etc and can wear normal clothes?? thanks x

    Samantha 2

    Do you have any post and pre-op pics to see what your results were? I had vaser lipo at the start of august. Most of my swelling has gone down and i’m not impressed with my results if i am honest and i just want to see if it is due to unrealistic expectations xx


    can anyone give me a rough idea of what you paid for multiple areas of vaser lipo and how long swelling and bruising took to go? thanks


    hi Stacey – do u have before and afters or can you let me know if you felt it was worth it? I’ve had an apt with Dr vlok so keen to know if I should go for the procedure 🙂 x


    Hi Stacey, do you have any pics? I have a consultation in a couple of weeks and I’m looking at wanting the vaser on my stomach but wanted to see some pics to see the differences.
    hope you’re well recovered x


    Hi ladies. Silly question maybe but how long was it after vaser before you had a nice soak In the bath? Missing it like crazy. Thank you

    ADs 6


    How are you now?

    best ,


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