Waiting list dr Andrea giannitrapani? Started by: Elle

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  • Elle

    How long did you all have to wait from your first consultation for rhinoplasty to your actual op day? I’m wanting the op asap!x


    I had a consultation a couple of weeks ago with him and my surgery is booked in for February. I did request February though so may still have a few spaces sooner x


    HI elle. I had my first consultation in September and the next available date for the op was 9 November, so had 9 weeks to wait. Just had my op 4 days ago and it all went well. Dr Andrea is amazing and well worth the wait. Good luck.

    Nikki 4

    I waited nearly four months for my operation a cancellation came up after three weeks which they gave me around 10 days notice but unfort one of my best friends was getting married so it wouldn’t of gone down me missing her wedding for my vanity haha- it is definitely worth the wait babe I’m five weeks post op this Wednesday (surgery 11 Oct) and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done x

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