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    Hey guys, do you recommend any surgeons that do a fake-looking rhinoplasty? I was tempted to travel to Turkey, but I can’t be bothered with all of the hassle that comes with it. I haven’t really seen any surgeons in the UK at the moment that do the look I’m going for. My nose isn’t huge to start with, but I do want a smaller nose with a big tip lift. Has anyone been to a surgeon from mya and said they don’t want a natural look? Thank you


    I am after the same thing
    I m having a consultation later this is what I’m going to ask x

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    Who are you having your consultation with lovely? Please keep me updated! I’m still on the look out x


    They cancelled ! So still waiting. I have found so many in Turkey that do the, what they call ‘Disney nose ‘. But it’s just having the confidence. I know 2 people who’ve had it over there successfully but I’m so hesitant xx

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