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    Hi girls, I’m a week post op. I had implants (450cc over the muscle) and an uplift. I was sent home in a sports bra which didn’t seem to give me any support really, so I ordered a Macom I-bra which arrived today. Couple of things I have and wondered if anyone has had the same:
    1. My left nipple is super sensitive, my right I can’t feel at all, will this come back?
    2. My right boob seems to ache more than the left, it’s almost as if I can feel the implant (can’t describe it) like an ache or a twinge, where as my left is quite comfortable:
    3. The Macom bra feels like it’s squeezing me together but not too uncomfortable is that what it should do?
    Thank you – so glad to find this community! Xx


    Picture below!

    Emma 4

    Hey, I am nearly 5 weeks post op and I found the best bra is a Lipoelastic. I am just starting to feel my nipples now but felt zero for about the first 3 weeks so don’t worry your right one may well come back. My right boob has been slower healing so is still scabby in places but has caused me less pain etc. The left ones scars/ scabs cleared quicker but when I leant forwards for the first 3 weeks it felt like my implant was moving around/ felt like water moving (?) but thats now stopped so guessing it was settling in?!


    Thanks Emma! So glad to hear you’ve got the sensation back in your nipples. I know what you mean about when you lean forward mines like that. I’m scared thinking I’m making the pocket that there in too big! Xx

    JazR 1

    I had uplift and Implants on 15th September. Scars healing well after a bit if a drip/ infection but all sorted now. This is hard to explain but my right side when I lift up my arm, I can feel the muscle underneath tug/pull/lift sort of thing and feels so strange. My other side I can’t feel anything. I had Dualplane so half under and half over. Has anyone else experienced this and does it get better? Maybe it’s the same you’re describing about the muscle / pocket? I’m 4 weeks post op.

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