When can I wear a normal bra?? Started by: Hayley Victoria

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    Hi girls, how long do people normally wait before they wear a normal bra after having surgery? I’m 10 weeks post op and was told to keep wearing my macom bra until my surgeon says otherwise. My appointment with my surgeon has been rearranged for May. Should I still wait until I see him??
    I just want to go bra shopping 😂 x

    Nadj 4

    I thought you only had to wear the macom for 6 weeks. Personally I would wear a normal bra at 10 weeks po during the day but keep wearing the macom on a night until you’ve spoke to your surgeon x

    maya henry 47

    i know it’s post surgery bras for 6-8 weeks and then normal but still non wired bras for a few more months after that xx


    As if I’ve been wearing the macom bra longer than I needed to 😂😂 I was just told to wait until I see him.
    Thank you girls!!! xx

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