Worried about the 4d vest Started by: Char

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  • Char

    I am a pe teacher and I can not tell work that I’m having the procedure as I recently got a promotion
    I am so worried about hiding this 4d vest! I presumed I would only be in the spanks
    Is there an alternative less bulky option that does the same job?
    I’m having flanks and abdominal areas done

    Does anyone have any pictures of what it looked like under clothing?



    I’ve just had flanks/ bra roll and full abdominal done… I can tell you right now, the Vest is awful! It’s so not hideable I look really bulky ha! It’s not too uncomfortable though which is good. I’m just worri d about hiding it too! Luckily I’ve got two weeks off work to figure it out! Have you had your surgery yet? X

    Jas b

    The 4d vest must be worn for 2 weeks and Christie is right it makes you look so much bigger even with loose clothing on and it’s pretty stiff so sitting is a big problem . 2 weeks off is the only solution

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