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    Hi everyone my op is in 4 days! I have both the Asda post op bra and the M&S granny bra that dr lutz recommends , I don’t find the M&S one very comfy but the Asda one is comfy but I’m not sure if it’s supportive enough , did anyone else use the Asda bras straight away?

    Melanie 2


    Yes I used the Asda ones straight away. Have you got the pack of 2 front fastening ones? I found that the white one was slightly bigger than the black on my shoulders. So I bought 2 packs as you will wear them 24hours a day for a few weeks x

    Sarah 64

    The asda ones were a life safer for me for the first 2 weeks. It was soooo comfy. I couldn’t wear my macom for first 2 weeks but now the swelling has gone down I think the macom is super comfy too (I hated it at the start!)

    Best advice is to get a choice of bras. You will find what’s comfy and that might change as the weeks go by x

    Mimi 45

    Hi I have had 2 BA’s In the space of 6 months, for my January surgery my surgeon recommended M&S my opinion of them was that they pulled my boobs right into my chest so they looked flattened every time I’d take my bra off. The bra band around the bottom would dig into my incisions ouch! And the zip kept on splitting ? this was the extra high impact one. I would not recommend it. This time round I’ve paid extra for Macom which is super comfortable and feels thin so your boobs and nipples can breathe it’s designed specifically for post op and you can defiantly tell. For me it’s been worth paying the extra for them.

    katie2510 17

    Have you got a picture of the asda ones?


    Hi everyone that may be looking at this in the future , i woke up in the m&s granny bra dr lutz wanted but the day after i got home i changed to the asda ones as they were far more comfy and more supporitve , defo reccomend the 2 pack for £15 , bring multiple sizes (they do s,m,l) as you will change size during recovery x


    did you’s order them online girls. and did you put post op bra’s for the asda one’s ??

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