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  • Jasmine 4

    Hi! This is going to sound stupid but im potentially weeks away from booking my op and I’m terrified about being put to sleep, I can be once but when I was a small child. Is the whole op over really quickly? Does it feel like you’re asleep for seconds? Please update me with your opinions/experiences! Xx


    Hi Jasmine, I had my op yesterday and was the same as I’ve never been put to sleep but literally you don’t even feel yourself going to sleep I can’t remember anything. They came in got me I went to another room lay on the bed , they put a little needle into my arm and then I can’t remember a thing I woke up and didn’t even realise I had them done. Honestly don’t worry you’ll be fine and they’re all so lovely xx

    Sophie 17

    So many girls are more scared of the GA than the actual operation. But I can’t stress to you how smooth the whole process is they literally lie you down keep talking to you, you’ll feel a sharp scratch in your hand and your off about 10 seconds later you feel nothing, and when you wake back up you just feel like you’ve had a nice long sleep – Just a lot of pressure on your chest that’s all, I haven’t even had any actual pain yet to be fair not everyone is the same but its all over and done within 1 hour! 🙂

    Marilyn 34

    Hi jasmine don’t worry that bit wa dmy biggest fear. Sorest bit then was the little scratch when they put the cannula in your hand. I trusted them completely though and they do so many checks pre opp. I remember them talking to me about holidays and I remember my shoulders feeling suddenly heavy then she said breath this oxygen and next thing I remember opening my eyes legs crossed and about to be wheeled back to my room. Literally nothing in between I think I was in recovery for a bit too and I don’t even remember that it’s crazy but a good crazy. You won’t be aware how much time has passed or what ur having done at all you won’t even dream you will be fine hun these people do this day in day out xx

    Jasmine 4

    Thank you so much ladies! I just want the op now!! Haha xx

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